Want to speak fluent English?
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Watch this video!

Listen to the audio below.

Do you understand this natural speed English.

Can you understand and speak like this?

This is what the above audio sounds like:

It’s…It wuh-zincredible. The stage moves like 360 degrees, any particular
way and the actor-zn-stuntmen were sor-da playing o-fuh-that.

Understand it now? Here’s the textbook version…

It’s…It was incredible. The stage moves like 360 degrees, any particular
way and the actors and stuntmen were sort of playing off of that.

This is fluent spoken English…I’ll explain.

From the audio…

was incredible – sounds like – wuh zincredible. The s from was, moves to the front of the next word. This is natural fluent spoken American English.
actors and stuntmen – sounds like – actor-zn-stuntmen. Two things happen in this example. Again, the s moves, and the and becomes just n.

sort of – sounds like – sor-da. The t moves, and also sounds like a d.
off of – sounds like – o-fuh. The f moves, and of sounds like “uh

Fluent English speaking and written English are VERY different.

Fast Speaking is not the problem.

How about the meaning? Are you sure you understand everything?

Let’s look at each part:

It’s…it was incredible. The stage moves like 360 degrees, any particular
way and the actors and stuntmen were sort of playing off of that.
  1. The stage moves like 360 degrees… = The stage moves amazingly 360 degrees…
  2. any particular way = any particular direction
  3. actors and stuntmen were sort of = actors and stuntmen were somewhat
  4. playing off of that = reacting to that (that = the movement of the stage)

If you want to speak English smoothly and confidently, I can help you.
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Why is speaking fluent English difficult?

Most schools are wasting time teaching you English that nobody uses. Have you heard of this? “It’s raining cats and dogs.” Nobody says that. What we really say are things like “Oh, man it’s really raining out.” or, “Damn, it’s pouring right now.”

Most schools and courses teach you grammar rules. Children AND adults learn to speak fastest with Speaking Patterns, not grammar rules. When you start practicing with Speaking Patterns, you will become fluent much faster. Grammar is for tests.
Patterns are for speaking.

You have not practiced listening to and speaking fluent American English. You
want to speak fluent English, you must study real English conversations with natural fluent speaking.

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Old Methods Aren’t Good!

You probably read well, and know a lot of words, idoms, and grammar rules.

But, you still dream of speaking fluently, and understanding easily.

To become a fluent English speaker, you must study fluent English speaking.
That is the first step. To be a high-level English speaker that others respect and admire, you have to stop using old ways, and start on a new path to success.

To speak fluent English, to improve your English listening, and speak like an American you should…

Study FLUENT English conversations
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When you study fluent English conversations you can…

  • Greatly improve your English listening ability.
  • Improve your English speaking and fluency
  • Improve your English conversation ability

With Super-effective Learning techniques you can…

  • Easily and Naturally increase your speaking ability
  • Use advanced grammar like an American
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Ready for 3 online Fluent American English training courses?

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Course #1

Understanding Fluent English:
14 Modules of online audio & video training

Understanding Real English

Understand high-level, natural, American English. This course teaches you to understand all the differences between text-book English, and real spoken English. You learn all the differences through audio and video exercises. There is no other course like this. When you finish Understanding Fluent English your listening and understanding ability will be amazing.

Also, you will learn to understand fluent
American English quickly and easily. Here’s why:

  • uses audio and video because it’s important that you don’t just hear, but also see the fluent English you will be learning.
  • variety of native speaker’s voices – your brain learns better with
    different voices.
  • learning in context, which is the most natural way to acquire language.
  • uses fluency building constructions, for rapid fluency.
  • secret technique called construction branching which eliminates years of study time.
  • learn fluent English as efficiently as possible via core vocabulary.

Course #2

Speaking Fluent English:
15 Modules of online audio & video training

Speaking Real English

Listening and Understanding are not enough. Most people also want to speak fluent American English. This is the course that takes you from a beginner or intermediate, to a fluent speaker.

1 – 2
Fluency training with the use of constructions. These are the key to fluency. The reason you are not fluent yet, is that you have not been practicing with constructions. We will fix this problem starting early in the course.
3 – 4
Part of fluent speaking is speed. With the Accelerated Rhythm practice technique, you will automatically develop natural speed.
5 – 6
Constructions practice based on conversation patterns to increase natural conversation ability.
7 – 8
Bridge technique so you can slowly, safely, and correctly, change your accent from book English, to American speaking style.
9 – 10
American slang with construction branching. The most natural way to speak slang fluently.
11 – 12 – 13
All of the material from the previous units combine and you start speaking Fluent English naturally with very little thinking and effort.
14 – 15
Fluency techniques to get you thinking in English, and the final TEST, that proves you can now speak fluent American English, easily and naturally.

Course #3


What you get in the American Conversations online course:

  • A 6 Month – 72 Lesson Digital Course that teaches you Real American English.
  • Real, natural, fluent English conversations. No actors.
  • Access one new unit each month, for 6 months.
  • Access to the online training and download area.
  • English audio and English video Lessons for Download.
  • Increased learning speed with Super-effective Learning techniques.

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What is life like for fluent English speakers?
When you finish you will…


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  • easily use hundreds of new words and expressions.
  • understand English on a deeper level.
  • speak with natural rhythm and pronunciation.
  • understand high-level fast spoken English.
  • communicate in English with confidence.
  • be respected as a fluent English speaker.
  • have more options in life with your new ability.

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